Journal of Canadian Art History / Annales d'histoire de l'art canadien

Archive of past issues

Vol. IV:2 (1978)


Coloured Brick in Yorkville

Anita C. Makler

The Evolution of Jack Bush

Ken Carpenter
Sources and Documents

John Lyman — A Bibliography of his Writings

Janet Braide

The Drawings of James Patterson Cockburn

Christina Cameron, Jean Trudel

W. Martha E. Cooke

Clock & Watchmakers and Allied Workers in Canada 1700 to 1900

John E. Langdon

Helena Ignatieff

Vol. IV:1 (1977)


Pre-Confederation Photography in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jim Burant

Projects for Trinity College, Toronto

Graham W. Owen
Notes and Commentary

Paul Peel's After the Bath

J. Edward Martin

John Vanderpant Photographs

Charles C. Hill

Ann Thomas

Vol. III (combined) (1976)


Building for Transportation in the Nineteenth Century

Harold Kalman, Douglas Richardson

Surrealist Traits in the Heads of Alfred Pellan

Reesa Greenberg

Architectural Image for the Dominion

Scott, Fuller and the Stratford Post Office

Christopher Thomas

La ville de Québec, 1800–1850: un inventaire de cartes et plans

Edward H. Dahl, Hélène Espesset, Marc Lafrance, Thiery Ruddell

Christina Cameron

Ontario Towns

Ralph Greenhill, Ken Macpherson, Douglas Richardson

William Dendy

Vol. II (1975)


Instruction pour Éstablir les Manufactures

A Key Document in the Art History of New France

Doreen E. Walker

The Library of a Canadian Artist

Books from the Library of Robert Holmes

Sybille Pantazzi

The Nine-Year Odyssey of a High Victorian Goth

Three Churches by Fred Cumberland

Shirley G. Morriss
Notes and Commentary

Wreath of Flowers

Janet Braide

A Portrait by George Berthon

Sandra Paikowsky

Leonard Hutchison, People's Artist: Ten Years of Struggle, 1930 to 1940

Lynn Hutchison Brown

Charles C. Hill

Canadian Watercolours and Drawings in the Royal Ontario Museum & A People's Art

Mary Allodi & J. Russell Harper

Douglas Richardson

Vol I:2 (1975)


Surrealism and Pellan

L'Amour Fou

Reesa Greenberg

Who "Discovered" Emily Carr?

Maria Tippett

Notre-Dame de Québec & Montréal en évolution

Luc Noppen & Jean-Claude Marsan

William Dendy

Exploring Vancouver

Harold Kalman, John Roaf

Martin Segger

Vol. I:1 (1974)


Pierre-Noël Levasseur

A Letter

Doreen E. Walker

The 1935 Canadian Silver Dollar

Leslie L. Forsyth

A Visit to Martiques Summer 1908

Impressions by William Brymner

Janet Braide