Journal of Canadian Art History / Annales d'histoire de l'art canadien

Archive des numéros précédents

Vol. XXXVI:1 (2015)

Martha Langford
Éditorial Invité

La culture de l’imprimé en réseau

Johanne Sloan

“If you do not grow you are a dead duck”

Funding Art Publications in Canada from the 1940s to the 1980s

Anne Whitelaw


Canadian Indian Cultural Magazine (1970–1981)

Sherry Farrell Racette

Producing and Publishing The Banff Purchase

Nationalism, Pedagogy, and Professionalism in Contemporary Canadian Art Photography, 1979

Karla McManus

About image nation, 1970–1982

Martha Langford

Serial Positionings

Roy K. Kiyooka’s “Conceptual Art Trips”

Felicity Tayler

Asiancy and Visual Culture

The Asianadian Magazine, 1978–1985

Alice Ming Wai Jim

Relations, 1988

Photographic, postmodern, feminist

Johanne Sloan


Digital Natives and the First Wave of Online Publication

Mikhel Proulx

Vol. XXXV:2 (2014)

Martha Langford
Éditorial Invité

Frame and Framing in Canada

Functions and History

Laurier Lacroix, Sacha Marie Levay

The Historiography of the Frame

Knowledge and Practice

Janet M Brooke

Encadrements sculptés du Québec des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles

Claude Payer, Daniel Drouin

Vers une typologie des encadrements anciens et modernes des tableaux du Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

Daniel Drouin, Mathilde Durand

Les encadrements de menuisier, une solution pour les institutions au XIXe siècle

Laurier Lacroix

Architecture Defines the Frame

Canadian Murals by Reid, Leduc and the Group of Seven

Rosalind Pepall

Creating Context in the Quebec and Canadian Painting Collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Sacha Marie Levay

Reframing Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven in the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario

From Principles to Practice

Gregory Humeniuk

The Frame in Context

The Seagram Cities of Canada Collection at the McCord Museum

Anne Mackay

Observations sur les cadres-baguettes des années 1950–1960

l’affranchissement de la peinture

Richard Gagnier

(Dé)cadrer le cadre

intervention urbaine et entour documentaire dans la série ART de Maclean

Patrice Loubier

Circonscrire l’œuvre

quelques notes au sujet des encadrements d’œuvres de membres du Groupe de Beaver Hall

Jacques des Rochers

The Frame

Object, Idea, Concept

Didier Prioul

Vol. XXXV:1 (2014)

Martha Langford

Preface to Benjamin F. Baltzly’s Journal

Elizabeth Cavaliere

Settler-colonial Art History

A Proposition in Two Parts

Damian Skinner

Vol. XXXIV:2 (2013)

Martha Langford
Éditorial Invité

Women and the Artistic Field

Cultural Production in the Canadian Context

Kristina Huneault, Janice Anderson

Gendering the Artistic Field

Andrew Nurse

Julia Crawford and the Rules of the Game

Kirk Niergarth

Ordinary Affects

Folk Art, Maud Lewis, and the Social Aesthetics of the Everyday

Erin Morton

La chambre nuptiale de Francine Larivée

une œuvre issue du modèle de la démocratie culturelle ou quand l’art féministe néo-avant-gardiste s’intègre à l’establishment

Anithe de Carvalho

A Canadian Artist in King Arthur’s Court

Elizabeth Armstrong Forbes and the Colonial Invention of British Tradition

Samantha Burton

“Kodaking and Being Kodaked”

The Guisachan Album of Ishbel, Lady Aberdeen

Carolyn MacHardy

Lady Caroline Bucknall-Estcourt

Identity as Performance in a Victorian Album

Patricia Sheppard

Crafting Empire

Intersections of Irish and Canadian Women’s History

Elaine C. Paterson

“And thereon lies a tale”

Canadian Women Missionary Artists in China

Catherine Mackenzie

Vol. XXXIV:1 (2013)

Martha Langford

The 1913 Spring Exhibition of the Art Association of Montreal

Anatomy of a Public Debate

Lorne Huston

“Adult Viewing Only”

Dorothy Cameron’s 1965 Trial for Exhibiting Obscene Pictures

Andrew Horrall

Bordering the Vernacular

J. Russell Harper and the Pursuit of a “People’s Art”

Erin Morton

Un tabernacle inédit de Jacques Leblond de Latour

Claude Payer, Gérard Lavallée

Big Art History

Art History as Social Knowledge

Carolyn Butler-Palmer

A New Pavilion for Quebec and Canadian Art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Anne Whitelaw
Comptes rendus

L’Art vivant. Autour de Paul-Émile Borduas

Jean-Philippe Warren

Louise Vigneault

Vol. XXXIII:2 (2012)

Martha Langford
Éditorial Invité
Loren Lerner

Rejection and Renewal

Art and Religion in Canada (1926–2010)

Loren Lerner

Thunderbirds and Concepts of Transformation in the Art of Norval Morrisseau

Carmen L. Robertson

The Story of Life

A Ceramic Mural by Lorraine Malach

Susan Surette

Wassily Kandinsky's Concerning the Spiritual in Art and the Video Works of Sylvia Safdie, Marisa Portolese, Marielle Nitoslawska, and Sarindar Dhaliwal

Loren Lerner

Imaging Islam in the Art of Arwa Abouon

Valerie Behiery

Sacred Manifestations

The Making and Meaning of Mosques in Canada

Nadia Kurd

Dybbuks of Derrida

Traces of Deconstruction in Contemporary Jewish Art

Louis Kaplan

A Letter to Montreal

Making Love with Jesus

AA Bronson
Œuvres des artistes

L'art contemporain et la religion au Canada

oeuvres choisies

Denis Longchamps

Vol. XXXIII:1 (2012)

Martha Langford
Éditorial Invité

Hommage à Françoise-Marc Gagnon

Sandra Paikowsky

William Notman's Photographic Selections (1863)

Loren Lerner

Homer Watson and The Pioneer Mill

Brian Foss

James Wilson Morrice at the Rialto Market in Venice

Sandra Paikowsky

Sous-sol au mannequin de tailleur

un tableau témoin d'un quartier et d'une époque de Louis Muhlstock

Monique Nadeau-Saumier

Paul-Émile Borduas et la fondation du Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal

Laurier Lacroix

François-Marc Gagnon

Denis Longchamps, Alena Buis

Vol. XXXII:2 (2011)

Martha Langford

Looking North

Views of Canada Published in the United States

Georgia B. Barnhill

Les autoreprésentations de l'artiste huron-wendat Zacharie Vincent (1815–1886)

icônes d'une gloire politique et spirituelle

Louise Vigneault, Isabelle Masse

Mariette Rousseau-Vermette

Journey of a Painter-weaver from the 1940s through the 1960s

Anne Newlands

Two Patrons, An Exhibition, and a Scrapbook

The Lawren Harris–Georgia O'Keeffe Connection, 1925–1926

Sara J. Angel

The Canadian Women Artists History Initiative

Kristina Huneault
Comptes rendus

Espace artistique et modèle pionnier. Tom Thomson et Jean-Paul Riopelle

Louise Vigneault

François-Marc Gagnon

The Optimism of Colour: William Perehudoff, a Retrospective

Karen Wilkin, Roald Nasgaard and Robert Christie

Liz Wylie

Vol. XXXII:1 (2011)

Martha Langford
Éditorial Invité

Hommage à Françoise-Marc Gagnon

Sandra Paikowsky

Autobiographie critique et analyse de l'œuvre

François-Marc Gagnon

Mortgaging Canada

George Reid's Mortgaging the Homestead and the 1891 Federal Election

Charles C. Hill

La Rue Saint-Denis, au cœur de la modernité francophone montréalaise

Esther Trépanier

Lawren S. Harris's Self-Portrait

Critical Milestone on a Remarkable Human Journey

Dennis Reid

Quitter le maître, accomplir sa différence

les voies divergentes de Borduas et Alleyn

Gilles Lapointe

Vol. XXXI:2 (2010)

Martha Langford

Words and Pictures

Writing Atrocity into Canada's First World War Official Photographs

Laura Brandon

Iain Baxter&

The Artist as Drop-in

Adam Lauder

Introduction à l'archimur

Réflexions sur la voix et le commissaire (autour de l'exposition As Much as Possible Given the Time and Space Allotted)

Eduardo Ralickas

Homer Watson's The Pioneer Mill

The Making and Marketing of a Print in the Canadian Etching Revival

Rosemarie L. Tovell
Comptes rendus

Napoléon Bourassa et la vie culturelle à Montréal au xixe siècle

Anne-Élisabeth Vallée

Monique Nadeau-Saumier