Journal of Canadian Art History / Annales d'histoire de l'art canadien


Sherry Farrell Racette

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Unsettling Encounters: First Nations Imagery in the Art of Emily Carr

Getta Moray

Ian Ferguson

Vol. XXXVI:2

The National Gallery Lands a Jackson Pollock

A Case Study in Curatorial Agency

Blake Fitzpatrick

Vol. XXXIV:1
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Atomic Postcards: Radioactive Messages from the Cold War

John O’Brian and Jeremy Borsos

Élisabeth Forest

Vol. XXXVI:2

Jean-Antoine Aide-Créquy (1749–1780)

matériaux et technique picturale

Kevin Forrest

Vol VII:1
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FitzGerald as Printmaker: A catalogue raisonné of the first complete exhibition of the printed works

Helen Coy

Leslie L. Forsyth

Vol. I:1

The 1935 Canadian Silver Dollar

Brian Foss

Vol. VI:1
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Jock Macdonald: The Inner Landscape / A Retrospective Exhibition

Joyce Zemans
Vol. XI (combined)
Notes et commentaire

Canadian Artist Copyists at the National Gallery, London

Vol. XII:1
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Industrial Images / Images industrielles

Rosemary Donegan
Vol. XII:2
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In Seclusion with Nature: The Later Work of L. LeMoine FitzGerald, 1942 to 1956

Michael Parke-Taylor
Vol. XVI:1
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The Urban Prairie

Dan Ring
Vol. XVI:2
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Alex Colville: Paintings, Prints and Processes 1983–1994 • Alex Colville: The Observer Observed

Philip Fry • Mark A. Cheetham
Vol. XVII:2 (index)
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Visions of Light and Air: Canadian Impressionism, 1885–1920

Carol Lowrey, Laurier Lacroix, Robert Stacey
Vol. XX (Anniversary, combined)

"Synchromism" in Canada

Lawren Harris, Decorative Landscape, and Willard Huntington Wright, 1916–1917
En mémoire de

Natalie Luckyj


Homer Watson and The Pioneer Mill

C.J. Fox

Vol. XV:1
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"The Talented Intruder." Wyndham Lewis in Canada, 1939–1945

Catharine M. Mastin, Robert Stacey, Thomas Dilworth

Lydia Foy

Vol. VI:1
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The New Brunswick Landscape Print: 1760–1877

Paul A. Hachey

Heather C. Fraser

Vol. XIII:1 (index)

Paterson Ewen

The Turn from Non-Figurative to Figurative Painting