Journal of Canadian Art History / Annales d'histoire de l'art canadien


Dominic Hardy

Vol. XXXV:1

What does the term “settler-colonial art history” mean to you? What are the opportunities and problems of the method for writing art history in the Canadian context?

J. Russell Harper

Vol. V:1
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Daniel Fowler of Amherst Island 1810–1894

Frances K. Smith

Giles Hawkins

Vol. VIII:1
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The Lost Craft of Ornamented Architecture • Percy Erskine Nobbs

Jean B. Weir • Susan Wagg
Vol. X:1
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Construction d'un musée des Beaux-Arts / Montréal 1912 / Building a Beaux-Arts Museum

Rosalind M. Pepall

Janice Helland

Vol. XV:1
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By a Lady: Celebrating Three Centuries of Art by Canadian Women

Maria Tippett
Vol. XVIII:2
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This Woman in Particular: Contexts for the Biographical Image of Emily Carr

Stephanie Kirkwood Walker
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"A Woman's Place": Art and the Role of Women in the Cultural Formation of Victoria, BC 1850s–1920s

K.A. Finlay (ed.)

Charles C. Hill

Vol. II
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Leonard Hutchison, People's Artist: Ten Years of Struggle, 1930 to 1940

Lynn Hutchison Brown

George Wade's Monuments to Sir. John A. Macdonald

Vol. XXXII:1

Mortgaging Canada

George Reid's Mortgaging the Homestead and the 1891 Federal Election

Richard William Hill

Vol. XXXV:1

Bob Boyer: His Life’s Work

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Shelley Hornstein

Vol. XIII:2 / Vol. XIV:1

The Architecture of the Montreal Teaching Hospitals of the Nineteenth Century

Andrew Horrall

Vol. XXXIV:1

“Adult Viewing Only”

Dorothy Cameron’s 1965 Trial for Exhibiting Obscene Pictures

Anna Hudson

Vol. XXV
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A National Soul: Canadian Mural Painting, 1860s–1930s

Marylin J. McKay

Gregory Humeniuk

Vol. XXXV:2

Reframing Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven in the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario

From Principles to Practice

Kristina Huneault

Vol. XV:2

Heroes Of A Different Sort

Gender and Patriotism in the War Workers of Frances Loring and Florence Wyle
Vol. XXXII:2

The Canadian Women Artists History Initiative

Vol. XXXIV:2
Éditorial Invité

Women and the Artistic Field

Cultural Production in the Canadian Context

Lorne Huston

Vol. XXXIV:1

The 1913 Spring Exhibition of the Art Association of Montreal

Anatomy of a Public Debate