Journal of Canadian Art History / Annales d'histoire de l'art canadien


Doreen E. Walker

Vol. I:1

Pierre-Noël Levasseur

A Letter
Vol. II

Instruction pour Éstablir les Manufactures

A Key Document in the Art History of New France

Paul Walton

Vol. XV:1

Beauty My Mistress

Hector Charlesworth as Art Critic

Jayne Wark

Vol. XXX

Conceptual Lithography at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Donald B. Webster

Vol. VIII:1
Comptes rendus

The Potters' View of Canada: Canadian Scenes of Nineteenth-Century Earthenware

Elizabeth Collard

Anne Whitelaw


To Better Know Ourselves

J. Russell Harper's Painting in Canada: A History
Comptes rendus

The National Gallery of Canada: Ideas Art Architecture

Douglas Ord
Comptes rendus

A History of Art in Alberta: 1905–1970 • An Alberta Art Chronicle: Adventures in Recent and Contemporary Art

Nancy Townshend • Mary-Beth Laviolette
Vol. XXXIV:1

A New Pavilion for Quebec and Canadian Art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Vol. XXXVI:1

“If you do not grow you are a dead duck”

Funding Art Publications in Canada from the 1940s to the 1980s

Mary F. Williamson

Vol. VI:2
Comptes rendus

The Concordia University Art Index to Nineteenth Century Canadian Periodicals

Edited by Hardy George

Barbara Winters

Vol. XIX:2
Comptes rendus

Ozias Leduc et son dernier grand oeuvre

Lévis Martin

Janet Wright

Vol. VI:2

Thomas Seaton Scott

The Architect versus the Administrator

Liz Wylie

Vol. V:1
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Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald (1890–1956): The Development of an Artist

Patricia E. Bovey, Ann Davis
Vol. VI:1
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Jock Macdonald: The Inner Landscape/A Retrospective Exhibition

Joyce Zemans
Vol. VII:2 (index)
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Stanley Brunst: Radical Painter

Terrence Heath
Vol. IX:2
Notes de publication

Expressions of Will: The Art of Prudence Heward

Natalie Luckyj
Vol. XI (combined)
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Paterson Ewen: The Montreal Years • Paterson Ewen: Painting 1971–1987 • Phenomena

Matthew Teitelbaum • Philip Monk
Vol. XIV:2
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The True North: Canadian Landscape Painting 1896–1939

Michael Tooby, Robert Stacey, Charles C. Hill, Maria Tippett, Esther Trépanier
Vol. XVII:1
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Somewhere Waiting: The Life and Art of Christiane Pflug

Ann Davis
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Places of Their Own • The Laughing One: A Journey to Emily Carr

Sharyn Rohlfsen Udall • Susan Crean
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Tom Thomson

Dennis Reid (ed.)
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Kenneth Lochhead: Garden of Light

Ted Fraser
Vol. XXXI:1
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Invention & Revival: The Colour Drypoints of David Milne & John Hartman

Anne-Marie Ninacs, Rosemarie Tovell
Vol. XXXII:2
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The Optimism of Colour: William Perehudoff, a Retrospective

Karen Wilkin, Roald Nasgaard and Robert Christie
Vol. XXXVI:2
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The Life of David Milne

James King